2. So far in 2014 I’ve drawn 39 pages of comics for 4 different projects.

  3. noahvansciver:

    Number 21. An uneventful day.

    (via tieduptight)


  4. snakeoily:

    "This story is a gut punch because Simmons makes the readers care about the little girl in the span of just a few panels before unleashing the unthinkable." -Rob Clough

  6. Pleasant comics reading on a sleep deprived Sunday.


  8. The Sex Weirdos Connection


    The only comic from 2013 to give me the chubbs, pages 31-32 from Peter Bagge’s Woman Rebel (which could be subtitled “Margaret Sanger’s Date With Havelock Ellis”). The sequence as a whole is simultaneously adorable, hilarious, pervy, and- something I don’t usually think of with Bagge- sexy as hell.  When two brilliant sex weirdos can come together like this, it warms the heart.  My favorite two pages of comics from 2013.   

  10. Girl on Horse

    Acrylic on canvas, 30”x30”