1. Sketchbook summer 2014.

  2. New work space.

  3. 77 pages of comics drawn so far in 2014.

  4. Written in the freight elevator in one of the buildings I make deliveries to.

  5. gnartoons:

    I added some color to this (already colorful) jam comic from last week BLORRPP!! In order of appearance: James Stanton, Josh Simmons, Ben Horak, Billis Helg, Max Clotfelter and Joe Garber.

  6. bald-eagles:

    Hanging out with alt Cartoonists, some how Inkstuds took center stage

    e e e m m m b b b r r r a a a c c c e e e 

  7. bald-eagles:

    Did I already post this? oh well.

    Bald Eagles suddenly posting up a storm.  EMBRACE.


  8. Wednesday

    Rip face off, run outside, molest dog, get hit by car.

  9. Ah yes….

  10. From Dune #15