1. New work space.

  2. 77 pages of comics drawn so far in 2014.

  3. Written in the freight elevator in one of the buildings I make deliveries to.

  4. gnartoons:

    I added some color to this (already colorful) jam comic from last week BLORRPP!! In order of appearance: James Stanton, Josh Simmons, Ben Horak, Billis Helg, Max Clotfelter and Joe Garber.

  5. bald-eagles:

    Hanging out with alt Cartoonists, some how Inkstuds took center stage

    e e e m m m b b b r r r a a a c c c e e e 

  6. bald-eagles:

    Did I already post this? oh well.

    Bald Eagles suddenly posting up a storm.  EMBRACE.


  7. Wednesday

    Rip face off, run outside, molest dog, get hit by car.

  8. Ah yes….

  9. From Dune #15

  10. snakeoily:

    Josh Simmons has been nominated for An Eisner award for his story, Seaside Home, in Habit #1. This is fucking cool. We are very proud to have Josh classing up the halls of Oily with this news. Because of this special news Oily has made fast plans to print up another batch of last year’s best comic book but in the meantime you can now buy a pdf for 2 dollars or more here. Also working on getting this on comixology soon if that is your thing.